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    Come and visit us at ProdExpo 2022. We are at Pavilion 2/Second level/hall 3. Save the date: From 7 to 11 February.

About Company

Euroterm CJSC was established in 1998 and nowadays is one of the leading ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturers of natural juices, nectars and drinks as well as fruit preserves and canned vegetables in Armenia under NOYAN trademark.

The company is on the list of  Big Taxpayer in Armenia.
Number of employees is 400 people (250 permanent and  150 seasonal).

We are the company who has complete production technological cycle, i.e. from fruit reception to processing and packaging. Fruit, vegetables and berries are carefully grown up at heights of 1000 – 2500 meters above sea level, under the tender southern sun and are irrigated with mountainous spring water thus ensuring the natural and unique taste of the fruits of our PREMIUM quality more

We use modern Tetra Pak packaging, which allows keeping the product at a room temperature for quite long period of time (up to 18 months!!!), the packed product does not lose either its useful qualities, or its elegant taste. Using a unique cold squeeze method, preserving the original flavor and vitamins found in the sun-ripened fruits, modern processing and filling aseptic (closed) technology NOYAN juices, nectars and drinks do not contain any preservatives, artificial colors or aromas.

Another advantage of NOYAN juices and nectars is that we offer completely new, fresh and exclusive flavors such as pomegranate, sea-buckthorn, rose-hip, cornelian cherry, plum and others which are actually produced by a very few manufacturers and became very popular worldwide due to the magnificent and second-to-none taste they have. It is worth mentioning the distinctive features of some NOYAN juices and nectars – they are made not from concentrate and without addition of sugar!!!

Noyan products ingredients we sourced are from Armenia-  from our own Fields and Orchards as well as from other Armenian farms, except for Juice concentrates from fruits not growing in Armenia, e. g. pineapple, mango, grapefruit, orange,  banana and other.
We inspect and control the traceability of products back to farmers, who have committed to using only approved pesticides at allowed levels and timing of the growth cycle.
Before manufacturing our laboratory strictly controls products- fresh fruits and vegetables- by conducting  Physical-Chemical, Bacteriological & Organoleptic Analysis.

From 2010 we start growing organic fruits and vegetables in our own Orchards.  

The high quality of NOYAN products has been confirmed by numerous Grand Prix, gold, silver and bronze medals awarded at various international trade fairs.

Enjoy the divine taste of the Armenian fruits all year round.



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