Quality, Food, Environmental and Health Safety Policy

Euroterm management has an objective to take measures aimed at continuous development of quality of the product manufactured at our plant, satisfaction of our customers’ needs and supply of a safe product, in the meantime offering a variety of high quality product, the quality of which is accepted from all the parties concerned.
The Company Management realizes the importance of Quality and Food safety management and takes the whole responsibility for the creation and continuous development of an integral management system providing the implementation of the demands of the ISO 9001:2015, 22000:2005, 14001:2004, 18001:2007 management standards.
The present Policy is based on the following goals and principles:
    To satisfy the demands of Quality and Food Safety not only by providing the presence of corresponding procedures, but also by their implementation and continuous and constant improvement;
    To be purposeful, confident and consistent in the process of gaining the customers’ satisfaction;

   Continually develop leadership and company management involvement in processes, manage relationship between employees, as well as benefciaries, ensuring cooperation of competent, authorized and involved persons inside the
    Ensure a process approach

    To maintain the Food safety demands defined by the National and International Institutions;
    To provide proper hygiene and sanitary conditions in the production areas;
    To provide periodical analyses of the efficiency of the Quality and Food safety management system activity;

    Increase risk management focus in the factory
    To establish  ISO 9001:2015,  ISO 22000:2005, ISO 14001:2004 և ISO 18001:2007 integrated management system and obtain its certification, providing the continuous development of the management system;
    To cultivate among the employees the importance of Quality and Food safety, Labor and Health safety, Environmental management principles, to provide the continuous development of professional knowledge, including periodical trainings on Quality, sanitary and hygiene norms, Labor and Health  safety
In the sphere of Labor safety the Company is obliged
    To conform the safety management system application sphere to the Company’s safety management system and risks scale;
    To undertake preventive measures to prevent any risks to the personnel health;
    To continuously improve the safety management system and provide its implementation within the Company;
    To constantly maintain state and international legislation norm demands;
    To provide basis for the definition and analyses of the labor safety sphere goals;
    To document, implement, maintain;
    To distribute among the personnel their individual obligations in the sphere of labor safety;
    To be accessible for the parties involved;
    To perform periodical analyses of the labor safety management system activity efficiency, to get assured that it is substantial and relevant to the Company’s demands
Environmental management policy
    To provide the correspondence of the environmental management policy to the character and size of ecologial results obtained by the Company’s production, service and activity;
    To constantly improve the environmental conditions and prevent its pollution;
    To constantly maintain state and international legislation norm demands;
    To provide basis for the revelations, definitions and revisions of ecological goals and problems;
    To document, implement, maintain ;
    To be accessible and to distribute the principles of ecological management system both among the Company’s personnel and in community.