The Company has various orchards situated on a Company owned land. Orchards contain apricot, peach, apple, walnut, almonds, white cherry trees and grape vineyards. For vertical integration purposes the Company constantly purchases land and plants new trees and vines in order to rely less on suppliers in the future. Trees are fairly young and currently cover circa 1% of the Company’s raw material requirements, yet according to management estimates orchards would reach higher capacity when they fully mature within 1-2 years, and in this way most tree harvest will be used in production. Total orchard area constitutes circa 200 hectares of agrarian land, 102 hectares of which are organic. Most of Company plans to continue purchasing land on a willing buyer – willing seller basis to increase fruit production in order to reduce its sourcing from third-party suppliers in the future. The Company installed a new concentrate and preserve line to increase its operations’ capacity. The plant for the new line is located in Vanand, Armavir region on a land plot of 6.71 hectares next to the orchards owned by Company.

From 2010 company started growing organic fruits and vegetables in our own orchards. And in 2015 was certified to the EU & USDA NOP organic regulations and started producing Organic Products under Noyan Organic brand.