Euroterm CJSC is one of the leading ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturers of natural juices, fruit preserves and canned vegetables in Armenia under Noyan trademark.

The juice and food production line of the Company currently employs 250 employees. The company has full production technological cycle, i.e. from fruit reception to processing and packaging. The Company uses Tetra Pak packaging which allows keeping the product at a room temperature for quite long period of time, up to 18 months in this ways. The packed product does not lose either its useful qualities, or its elegant taste. Using a unique cold squeeze method, preserving the original flavor and vitamins found in the sun-ripened fruits, modern processing and filling aseptic (closed) technology NOYAN juices, nectars and
drinks do not contain any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

NOYAN offers completely new, fresh and exclusive flavors such as pomegranate, seabuckthorn, rose-hip, cornelian cherry, plum and others which are actually produced by a very few manufacturers and became very popular worldwide due to the magnificent and second-tonone taste they have. It is worth mentioning the distinctive features of some NOYAN juices and nectars – they are made not from concentrate and no sugar added.

Noyan products ingredients are sourced from Armenia –  from own Fields and Orchards as well as from other Armenian farms, except for Juice concentrates from fruits not growing in Armenia, e. g. pineapple, mango, grapefruit, orange,  banana and other.
We inspect and control the traceability of products back to farmers, who have committed to using only approved pesticides at allowed levels and timing of the growth cycle.
Before manufacturing our laboratory strictly controls products- fresh fruits and vegetables- by conducting  Physical-Chemical, Bacteriological & Organoleptic Analysis.

The Food and juice product range of the Company includes
• 19 types of fruit juices
• 22 types of fruit and berries preserves
• 8 types of fruit and berries compotes
• 19 types of canned vegetables
• 19 types of single strength and concentrated fruit purees

The Company produces 19 types of single strength and concentrated fruit purees and juices. The concentrates of the Noyan are sold both in local and export market. The product mix of concentrates includes: Apricot, Apple, Peach, Plum and Pumpkin.

Concentrates of the Company are packaged into 200-220 L bags later placed in metal barrels
for safe transportation. Concentrates of the Company could be stored for up to 2 years without any preservatives.