Juice and Puree Concentrates

Euroterm CJSC produces more than 20 types of single strength and concentrated fruit and vegetable purees and juices. The concentrates of Noyan are sold both in local and export market (CIS and other countries worldwide).

Concentrates are packaged into 200-220 L bags later placed in metal barrels for safe transportation. Concentrates of the Company could be stored for up to 2 years without any preservatives.

Apple Puree Concentrated  30-32 Bx

Apple Puree Single Strength  12-14 Bx

Peach Puree Concentrated  30-32 Bx

Peach Puree Single Strength  11-13 Bx

Pear Puree Concentrated  28-30 Bx

Pumpkin Puree Concentrated 16-18 Bx

Cornelian Cherry Puree Single Strength 13-15 Bx

Sea Buckthorn Puree Single Strength 10-12 Bx

Quince Purree Single Strength 12-14 Bx

Blackberry Puree Single Strength 11-13 Bx

Plum Puree Single Strength 11-13 Bx

Strawberry Puree

Zucchini Puree  5-6 Bx

Tomato Puree – 28 Bx

Pomegranate Concentrated Juice – 8 Bx